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8 point facelift - 1ml Revolax dermal filler

8 point facelift - 1ml Revolax dermal filler

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The 8 point face lift is a revolutionary new treatment to target the signs of ageing.

Dermal filler is strategically placed in the 8 points of the face where we naturally lose volume during the ageing process.

The areas we target...

  1. Define cheek bones
  2. Lift the cheek
  3. Soften tear troughs
  4. Reduce nasolabial fold & lift upper lip
  5. Lift corner of the lip & reduce marionette lines
  6. Reduce jowl
  7. Strengthen jaw
  8. Volumise sunken mid face area to lift jaw

Please note, this listing is intended to be purchased in multiples.  The average person with no previous filler needs approximately 1ml per 10yrs of life for a noticeable difference. A 40yr old would likely need 4ml, 50yr old would need 5ml, 60yrs is 6ml and so on.

If you're unsure of how much to buy, please get in touch via the 'contact us' page.

If you'd like to learn more about dermal fillers, you can find more information on our 'treatment descriptions' page.

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